How to add full address to Address Line 1 field

In versions prior to v1.6.13 of LPAC, the plugin would output the full address returned from Google into the Address Line 1 field:

As you can see from the image above, the full address is outputted to the address_line_1 field which can make your order information look a bit redundant.

In v1.6.13 of LPAC a change was introduced where the plugin would try to determine the street address and only output that piece of information into the field:

To go back to the original behaviour of LPAC, you can use the following snippet, an option wasn’t added for this since it was believed that most users would prefer the new behaviour.

add_filter('lpac_dissect_street_address', '__return_false');

Please see the instructions here if you’re not sure how to include this snippet into your website.