Kikote – Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce – Update v1.8.0

This update comes with the following changes:

[Note PRO] This update comes with refactoring changes to the Shipping Workflows of Kikote. Be sure to review your “Shipping” settings and test your store shipping prices after updating.

[New PRO] Option to subtract free shipping distance from customer’s detected distance in Cost By Distance feature.

[Improvement PRO] Shipping workflows have been refactored for easier and more efficient updates in the future.

[Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

[Info] Tested on WC 7.7.

The Cost By Distance settings has been revamped and refactored to make it more obvious which settings apply to which Cost by Distance sub-workflow.

Configuration settings that apply to all sub-workflows are now under a “Configuration” section in the Shipping settings of Kikote. The icon for each sub-workflow was also changed.

The Cost by Distance feature is the main workflow with sub-workflows that all use the configuration settings. The sub-workflows currently present are:

  • Cost by Distance – Standard
  • Cost by Distance – Range
  • Cost by Distance – Store

To make the settings page a bit cleaner, the settings for these workflows are also hidden unless they are active.

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Kikote’s Cost by Distance settings at v1.7.4


Kikote’s Cost by Distance settings at v1.8.0

A new feature was always added to v1.8.0 of Kikote for the Cost by Distance – Standard. Store owners now have the ability to Subtract the figure entered in the “Free Shipping for Distance” from a customer’s total distance.

This allows a store owner to not only set what distance a customer must be within to receive Free Shipping; but also to remove that amount of distance from a customer’s total distance.


If a customer is 20 km away and their shipping fee is $20.00, and you set the Free Shipping for Distance value to 10, with the option to subtract the free shipping distance from the total distance, then the customer will only be charged for 10 km! So if the Cost Per Unit Distance was set to $1, that means the shipping fee would be $10.

Learn more about this these features by trying out the PRO version of Kikote

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