Dates in DD.MM.YY format

1.9.1 (Released 17.03.24)

  • [Change] When using the Store Locations feature, the store address will now be saved with the store details in the order meta. No need to use the code snippet from anymore.
  • [Info] Add notice for sites using WooCommerce Blocks Checkout.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.5-RC2.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.7-RC1.
  • [Dev] Other minor code improvements.

1.9.0 (Released 22.01.24)

  • [New PRO] Attach shipping methods to store locations. Kikote will filter the available shipping methods based on the selected store location during checkout. This allows you to create more powerful shipping setups like charging certain stores by Region and others by Distance.
  • [Change] Removed lpac_empty_last_order_address_default_text filter in favor of kikote_frontend_translated_strings filter.
  • [Improvement] Only show enabled shipping methods in settings “Shipping Method” selector fields.
  • [Improvement] Support for HPOS.
  • [Security] Improved security of map visibility rules settings.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.4.

1.8.9 (Released 15.11.23)

  • [Fix] Plugin was unable to detect WooCommerce on multisite when WooCommerce is activated network wide.
  • [Fix] Shipping method attached to Kikote would disappear on some multilingual websites due to “Free Shipping” text not being translatable.
  • [Change PRO] When a customer is beyond a Shipping Workflow limit (example not in a region or beyond max shipping distance), Kikote will no longer only return local pickup methods, it will instead return all shipping methods that ARE NOT attached to the Shipping Workflow being used.
  • [Change] Set plugin loading sequence.
  • [Improvement] Allow HTML in map instructions area.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.4.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.2.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.8.8 (Released 14.09.23)

  • [Fix] Plugin was validating the Store Selector dropdown before the customer selected their location.
  • [Improvement] New option to apply Cost by Region’s Shipping Restrictions to Local Pickup shipping methods. This was by default before but now you can turn it off.
  • [Improvement] Do not hide shipping method attached to Kikote until the customer has selected location and the location detected isn’t valid for the shipping.
  • [Improvement] Show admin notices only to main admin account.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.1.

1.8.7 (Released 27.08.23)

  • [Fix] Broken documation links.
  • [Improvement] Always clear package rates cache.
  • [Improvement] Checkout validation code improvements.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.8.6 (Released 08.08.23)

  • [New PRO] Add option to enable taxes on Shipping workflows.
  • [Fix PRO] Cost by Distance Range shipping cost filter was running multiple times.
  • [Fix PRO] Cost by Distance feature would return “Free Shipping” for invalid locations.
  • [Fix] Double escaping of places autocomplete feature used text on edit order screen.
  • [Fix] Force use of autocomplete option was being enforced even when main Places Autocomplete feature was turned of.
  • [Improvement] Made it possible to change which places autocomplete field gets mapped to the checkout fields, using for with filters. Learn more.
  • [Improvement] Added extra arg to kikote_distance_range_shipping_cost filter.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.0.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.3.

1.8.5 (Released 20.07.23)

  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.8.4 (Released 13.07.23)

  • [Fix PRO] Checkout session values were not being set.

1.8.3 (Released 12.07.23)

  • [Fix PRO] Shipping method would show stale price for customers until they selected their location.
  • [Change] Set option to use store selector as store origin for Cost by Distance calculation to no by default.

1.8.2 (Released 12.07.23)

  • [New PRO] “Free Shipping for Region” feature. Give customers Free Shipping based on their region and cart totals.
  • [Fix PRO] “Free Shipping” would be shown when the free shipping allowance has been subtracted from the customer’s total distance and the remaining value is less than the free shipping allowance.
  • [Improvement PRO] Option to use the store selected in Store Selector dropdown on the checkout page as the origin location for Cost by Distance workflows.
  • [Improvement PRO] Remove the shipping method(s) attached to Kikote’s shipping workflows from the checkout shipping methods if the method(s) have no cost (Doesn’t apply if the method gets change to Free Shipping by Kikote).
  • [Improvement PRO] Made it possible to filter the address types used for the Places AutoComplete feature using lpac_pro_places_autocomplete_type filter. This allows you to bias the results returned by Google to include both ‘geocode’ and ‘establishment’ addresses.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.9.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.8.1 (Released 19.06.23)

  • [Fix PRO] Subtract free shipping distance feature was returning wrong calculation at times.
  • [Improvement] Bail Kikote visibility workflow when Delivery & Pickup Scheduling plugin is controlling map visibility.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.8.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.8.0 (Released 02.06.23)

  • [Note PRO] This update comes with refactoring changes to the Shipping Workflows of Kikote. Be sure to review your “Shipping” settings and test your store shipping prices after updating.
  • [New PRO] Option to subtract free shipping distance from customer’s detected distance in Cost By Distance feature.
  • [Improvement PRO] Shipping workflows have been refactored for easier and more efficient updates in the future.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.7.

1.7.4 (Released 02.04.23)

  • [New] Display option to show map before payment options on checkout page.
  • [New] Option to disable various map controls such as fullscreen and map type.
  • [New] Option to set map region.
  • [Fix PRO] Cost by Store Location feature was not working.
  • [Improvement] Logic for outputting map on the checkout page. It’s now easier to change the location with the supplied lpac_checkout_map_orientation filter.
  • [Improvement PRO] Display of searchbox on map feature.
  • [Change] Plugin’s menu item is now called “SoaringLeads”.
  • [Dev PRO] It’s now possible to filter the calculated shipping cost of all shipping cost workflows to add any additional markup of changes. kikote_distance_range_shipping_cost, kikote_distance_shipping_cost, kikote_region_shipping_cost, kikote_store_shipping_cost.
  • [Dev] Added kikote_possible_checkout_map_locations filter for the list of checkout locations shown in Kikote’s display settings.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.5.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.2.

1.7.3 (Released 08.03.23)

  • [Fix] Console error when customers denied access to their location and then clicked the get current location button.
  • [Fix] Plugin redirecting to inexistent dashboard page after activation when WooCommerce is not active on website.
  • [Improvement] Updated some plugin logos.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.2-beta5.

1.7.2 (Released 05.03.23)

  • [Dev] Version bump.

1.7.1 (Released 05.03.23)

  • [Fix] Map not being usable when customers denied access to their location.

1.7.0 (Released 01.03.23)

  • [New PRO] Map Builder feature for building custom Google Maps using plugin settings. Learn more
  • [New PRO] Option to add an autocomplete seachbox inside the map display on the checkout page. Learn more
  • [New] Option to add an AutoComplete searchbox on the checkout page map.
  • [New] Option stop the plugin from dissecting the address it receives from the Google API before adding it into the Street Address 1 field.
  • [New] E-commerce Support Discord community – Meet fellow store owners from around the world to discuss ways to grow your E-Commerce business. Join Here >>>.
  • [Fix] Shipping Cost by Region restriction features was not showing the available shipping regions dropdown if the plugin settings was firstly saved with no created shipping regions.
  • [Fix] Rare instances where lat and long array values for Shipping Cost by Distance feature would overwrite itself.
  • [Fix] Plugin settings link was not redirecting to the correct subsite on multisite installs.
  • [Improvement] Refactored JavaScript code for quicker and more modular future development of plugin.
  • [Change] Store Selector shortcode has been changed from [lpac-store-selector] to [kikote_store_selector].
  • [Dev] Tested on WC 7.4.

1.6.14 (Released 04.02.23)

  • [Improvement] Don’t enforce use of autocomplete feature when the customer has selected a Local Pickup shipping method.
  • [Compatibility] Added support for Siteground Optimizer plugin.

1.6.13 (Released 22.01.23)

  • [New] Added an option to force the use of the Places AutoComplete feature. Please read here for more details.
  • [New] It’s now possible to update the map’s instruction text from the plugin Display Settings area.
  • [Fix] Console error when callback method not set on Google Maps script.
  • [Improvement] The Street Address 1 field will no longer populate with the entire customer address. It will now attempt to only place the street address into the field. To return to the original functionality, please see this doc.
  • [Improvement] Improvements to plugin’s menu item. Plugin submenus are now under the “SL Plugins” menu item.
  • [Dev] Tested on WC 7.3.

1.6.12 (Released 16.12.22)

  • [Fix] Map marker would sometimes appear as a white box on some websites.
  • [Improvement] Add “Location” label on WooCommerce Thank You and Past Order view pages.
  • [Improvement] Add Location Picker at Checkout Menu item.
  • [Compatibility] Improved compatibility with FunnelKit (previously WooFunnels).
  • [Dev] Tested on WC 7.2.
  • [Dev] Update Freemius SDK.

1.6.11 (Released 15.11.22)

  • [Dev] Update Freemius SDK.

1.6.10 (Released 15.11.22)

  • [New] Added an option to the plugin’s Display Settings to choose the default map type that loads on the checkout page (Road Map, Satellite etc.).
  • [New] Add-ons tab in plugin settings.
  • [Dev] Code improvements.
  • [Dev] Tested on WC 7.1.

1.6.9 (Released 17.10.22)

  • [New PRO] Added a new option to the Cost by Distance Range feature for calculating distance per unit if using flat rates aren’t ideal.
  • [Fix PRO] The maximum shipping distance setting was being applied to the Cost by Distance Range feature. This feature has its own maximum.
  • [Improvement PRO] LPAC will now always return Local Pickup shipping methods, if any are available, when customers do not meet the delivery criteria.
  • [Improvement PRO] If the map is not being shown, don’t try to validate the origin store selector dropdown.
  • [Improvement] Map will not be hidden if only Local Pickup shipping methods are available to customers.
  • [Dev] Added a few custom JavaScript events when the map’s visibility values are changed. Learn more.

1.6.8 (Released 06.10.22)

  • [New PRO] Option to set min and max order total for Shipping Cost by Region feature.
  • [New PRO] Duration for travel is now displayed on admin order page when making use of any of the Shipping Cost by Distance workflows.
  • [Fix PRO] Coordinates were not getting saved when creating Saved Addresses in some rare configurations.
  • [Fix PRO] Shipping Cost by Range feature would not return the shipping price when no “Cost per Unit Distance” value was set in the main settings.
  • [Improvement PRO] Add column for customer’s Region in the order page view.
  • [Improvement PRO] Prevent duplicate event listeners from being appended to map actions when making use of Saved Addresses feature.
  • [New] Choose whether to open directions to customers in Waze or Google maps. Option is located in LPAC’s General Settings.
  • [Fix] Upsell banner moving position after settings saved.
  • [Fix] Address would not show in marker info window if no shipping zones exist on the website.
  • [Dev] You can now change the map locale using the lpac_map_locale filter.
  • [Dev] Customer’s last order will no longer be their full formatted addresses, it will instead be the address line 1. This behavior can be changed using the lpac_last_order_address filter.
  • [Dev] Tested on WC v7.0-rc.2

1.6.7 (Released 16.09.22)

  • [Fix] Map was not centering on previous order’s pin location for customized checkout pages that removed the default address fields.
  • [Dev] Changed minimum required PHP version to 7.4.

1.6.6 (Released 16.09.22)

  • [New PRO] Cost by Distance Range feature. Learn more
  • [Fix PRO] Store location selector was not showing in checkout page when option is enabled in Store locations area and cost by distance was enabled.
  • [Fix] JS Console error for Guest customers.
  • [Fix] Cart was not updating when filter to disable checkout fields autofilling was set to true.
  • [Improvement] Allow setting of location on map manually if customer denied website access to their location.
  • [Improvement] Add 3 new columns to order page view: Location, Store and Distance. They can all be turned off via the screen options on the order list page.
  • [Improvement] Changed a few text strings.
  • [Improvement] Don’t output the google map on the checkout page if an API key hasn’t been entered.

1.6.5 (Released 10.09.22)

  • [Fix PRO] Issue with saving PRO shipping settings.

1.6.4 (Released 09.09.22)

  • [Fix PRO] Saved Addresses features were showing for guest customers.
  • [New] Store Location Selector shortcode [lpac-store-selector] Add shortcode anywhere to allow users to set their preferred store to order from.
  • [New] Feature Requests: Do you have a feature in mind for LPAC? Submit it or vote on others here.
  • [Fix] Duplicate validation errors for store location feature.
  • [Fix] Wrong order of filtering shipping method HTML when required conditions aren’t met.
  • [Improvement] Made some repeater fields required.
  • [Dev] New filter to prevent map from filling out checkout fields lpac_fill_checkout_fields.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 6.9 RC1

1.6.3 (Released 13.08.22)

  • [New PRO] Option to append cost per unit and measure unit (e.g $0.50/km) at the end of the shipping method when using the Cost by Distance feature.
  • [Fix PRO] Cost by Store Distance checkout validation was still running even though feature was turned off.
  • [Fix PRO] Kilometer distance was being cast as an integer instead of a float which would cause slightly off conversions when converting Kilometer to Miles for Cost by Distance feature.
  • [Fix] Store Location selector was still being moved below shipping address in some cases even when map was being shown on checkout.
  • [Fix] Wrong checkout validation error would show even when Store Location feature was not in use.
  • [Dev] It is no longer possible to filter the entire checkout page’s map markup. Action Hooks have instead been added at different points of the map’s markup. Learn more.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 6.8
  • [Info] Added a few initial admin pointers to help a bit with onboarding.

1.6.2 (Released 06.08.22)

  • [New] Option to show selected store location in order emails.
  • [New] New address field when creating Store Locations.
  • [Fix] JS error when Store Location selector is not present on checkout page.
  • [Fix] Store Location selector was always being moved below shipping address even when map was being shown on checkout.
  • [Fix] Store Location validation was not being enforced in the free version of the plugin.
  • [Fix] Default Store Location selector would not display on checkout page unless “Cost by Store Distance” feature was explicitly disabled.
  • [Fix] Prevent plugin from trying to redirect to its settings if WooCommerce is not active.
  • [Compatibility] Support for CheckoutWC – WooCommerce custom checkout plugin.

1.6.1 (Released 31.07.22)

  • [Fix] Migration error for old store location settings to new store location feature

1.6.0 (Released 31.07.22)

  • [New PRO] Cost by Store Distance – Set order shipping price based on the customer’s distance relative to your store location.
  • [New PRO] Cost by Store Location – Set order shipping price based on the store that the customer selects at checkout.
  • [New PRO] Free for X distance – If a customer’s distance is less than the value you set (X), then that customer receives free shipping.
  • [New PRO] A map has been added to the Export submenu in LPAC’s settings to show past order locations based on the date range selected.
  • [Improvement] Store locations settings have been improved and moved to their own submenu in LPAC settings.
  • [Improvement] The “missing API key” notice displayed to admins on the checkout page is now more prominent.
  • [Compatibility] Fix duplicate and missing LPAC fields in WooFunnels custom checkout page.
  • [Info] Support for Orderable plugin
  • [Info] Tested on WC 6.7
  • [Info] Various other bugs fixes

1.5.7 (Released 03.06.22)

  • [New] Store location feature – display map markers for your store locations on the checkout page map.
  • [Improvement] Add sample export in lite version of plugin.
  • [Improvement] Add customer email to order export feature.
  • [Improvement] Make checkout alert messages translatable.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 6.6

1.5.6 (Released 22.05.22)

  • [Fix] Plugin main file name change caused plugin to automatically deactivate after updating. Please reactivate plugin after this update.

1.5.5 (Released 18.05.22)

  • [Fix PRO] On some websites the checkout update event was not always firing after the location is changed. LPAC will now automatically fire a checkout update event every time locations are changed.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 6.5
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.0 RC3

1.5.4 (Released 11.05.22)

  • [Fix PRO] Saved Addresses checkbox was always showing on checkout page even though option was turned off.
  • [Fix PRO] Session GPS Coordinates were not always updating when using Saved Addresses feature.
  • [Improvement] Allow places autocomplete feature to work for billing fields when checkout defaults to billing same as shipping.
  • [Improvement] Handle map and fields updating based on Shipping Options set in WooCommerce and “Ship to different address” checkbox status.
  • [Change] GPS Coordinates lpac_latitude & lpac_longitude are no longer stored as private meta items. They’re now public.
  • [Compat] Add AutoComplete support for Fluid Checkout plugin.

1.5.3 (Released 23.04.22)

  • [Fix PRO] Customers would always receive a shipping error when trying to place an order if “Ship Only to Drawn Regions” or “Limit Shipping Distance” feature was enabled.
  • [Fix PRO] Saved address details on map would show ‘undefined’ if shipping_address_1 field was not present in object.
  • [Fix PRO] Saved Addresses feature would always save customer billing address even when shipping address details were available.
  • [Info] Support added for Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce plugin’s custom checkout page.

1.5.2 (Released 22.04.22)

  • [New PRO] Feature to prevent shipping to customers who’s location do not fall inside your drawn shipping regions. Learn More
  • [New PRO] Feature to prevent shipping to customers who’s location is beyond your maximum set shipping distance. Learn More
  • [Fix PRO] Last order location was not showing on the map.
  • [Change] Edit some doc links in plugin settings to match changes on docs site.

1.5.1 (Released 09.04.22)

  • [Change] Rearranged some plugin options on LPAC’s settings page.

1.5.0 (Released 20.03.22)

  • [New PRO] Create Shipping Regions by drawing them! Set custom price and name for regions that you ship to. The shipping method cost will automatically update if a customer falls within a region you’ve created.
  • [Fix] Various script errors that appeared in admin javascript console when not on LPAC settings pages.
  • [Fix] The hide map for guests visibility logic was returning the wrong value.
  • [Change] Rearranged some plugin options on LPAC’s settings page.

1.4.6 (Released 17.03.22)

  • [Fix PRO] Shipping Cost by Distance feature was only taking effect if Save Customer Addresses feature was turned on.

1.4.5 (Released 05.03.22)

  • [Fix] The frontend maps required base script file would on some websites not be enqueued in time to be used as a handle for wp_add_inline_script() function . Fallback to Jquery core script handle in those cases.
  • [Change] Set minimum required PHP version to 7.3

1.4.3 (Released 08.01.22)

  • [New PRO] Option to change the type of results returned by the Places Autocomplete API (Geocode, Address, Establishment, Regions, Cities)
  • [Fix] Console error when Billing City field was not present on checkout page.
  • [Fix] Coordinates for Places Autocomplete feature were not saving when “Hide Map When Using Places Autocomplete” option was enabled.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 6.0

1.4.2 (Released 28.12.21)

  • [Fix] Checkout process would halt unless a location was selected by a customer regardless of “Force Map use” option status.

1.4.1 (Released 27.12.21)

  • [New] Added Dummy Settings for PRO features.
  • [Fix] Coordinates were not being retrieved when only “Billing Address 1” was selected for the Places Autocomplete field.

1.4.0 (Released 01.12.21)

  • [Change] BREAKING CHANGE: The save location of QR codes created for orders have been changed. Links to QR codes in past order emails will stop working after updating, but QR codes in new orders will work fine.
  • [New] Added a new Static Map option to the list of link types that can be added to customer emails. (QR Code, Button, Static Map)
  • [New] Added “Processing Order” email option to the list of emails the map link can be added to.
  • [Dev] Reduced plugin size by removing dedicated font files for Qr codes.
  • [Info] Static Maps require enabling of an extra Google Map API endpoint. Please see here for instructions.

1.3.5 (Released 17.11.21)

  • [New] Added Places Autocomplete feature Learn More.
  • [New] New option in General Settings to allow plugin to immediately request the customer location on checkout page load. Learn More.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 5.9.

1.3.4 (Released 10.11.21)

  • [New] Get the customer’s last order location and display it on the map at checkout.
  • [New] Option to remove Plus Code from Google Map addresses.
  • [Fix] Periods were being stripped from default coordinates input boxes.
  • [Fix] Wrong text domain for some text strings.
  • [Fix] Blank infowindow was showing on order maps when shipping address was not present.
  • [Info] Plugin has an Official Website.

1.3.3 (Released 20.10.21)

  • [New] Added support for WooFunnels’ custom checkout pages.
  • [New] Added a Map Visibility rules table to allow store owners to set the sequence they’d like rules to be ran.
  • [New] Rule to show map based on coupon code.
  • [New] Rule to hide map for guest orders.
  • [Fix] Plugin would still try to run even though WooCommerce was inactive.
  • [Improvement] Map display rules now use Ajax to determine whether or not to show the map.
  • [Improvement] Added a new submenu tab called “Visibility Rules” which houses settings that control when the map is hidden/shown on the checkout page.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 5.8.


  • [Fix] Location button and QR code in emails were sometimes not centered.
  • [Improvement] Added more support for older browsers.
  • [Improvement] Show info window inside map on order-received, view-order, and dashboard view-order pages.
  • [Dev] Two new filters for the delivery location button that appear in emails: lpac_email_btn_p_styles and lpac_email_btn_a_styles.


  • [Fix] Missing class error.


  • [Improvement] Code quality changes to plugin.


  • [New] Added a new option in settings to hide the map based on the chosen shipping method.
  • [Improvement] Better plugin settings arrangement.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 5.7.


  • [Improvement] Better assign coordinates input fields variables on checkout page.


  • [New] Show or Hide map based on the shipping classes of items in the customer’s cart.
  • [Fix] Console error when the map was not enabled in Settings.
  • [Improvement] Added coordinates fields to billing section of checkout page for better support of sites with custom checkout pages.
  • [Improvement] More checks for better handling of sites with custom checkout pages.
  • [Change] Minimum required PHP version is now 7.0. Please update your PHP version if you have not yet done so; contact your Web Host for assistance if needed.
  • [Dev] Added a new filter for “Detect Current Location” Button text: lpac_find_location_btn_text.
  • [Dev] Filter for map instruction text is: lpac_map_instuctions_text.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 5.8.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 5.6.


  • [Improvement] Better handle sites with customized checkout pages.
  • [Fix] Console error when the plugin map is not enabled.


  • [New] Option added to allow admin to force customers to select their location on the map before being able to complete the order.
  • [New] Customers can now move the map marker by clicking on the map. This was only possibly by dragging the map marker before.
  • [New] A map view of the customer’s location will now appear on the shop order page in WooCommerce->Orders->View.
  • [Improvement] Refactored code that handles the checkout page map.
  • [Change] Order emails multiselect option now uses selectWoo.
  • [Info] Added links to support forum and plugin translation pages to the plugin settings page.


  • [Fix] Plugin now works with customized checkout fields.
  • [Info] Plugin can better parse and fill in State/County checkout fields


  • [New] Option to add a button link or QR Code to the customer’s map location in WooCommerce’s emails.
  • [New] Option to disable map on checkout and order details pages without disabling the plugin.
  • [Fix] Customers were able to complete checkout without selecting a location on the map.
  • [Change] Moved plugin settings to it’s own tab in the WooCommerce Settings.
  • [Info] Show admin notice if WooCommerce is not active or the site is not running HTTPS.
  • [Info] Added admin notices if WooCommerce not active or site not running HTTPS.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 5.4.


  • [New] Automatically fill in address fields with information pulled from Google Maps.
  • [Improvement] Error handling of invalid locations.
  • [Improvement] Show users a message if they denied the website access to their location.
  • [Improvement] Handle cases where customer is moving marker too quickly within a short period of time.
  • [Improvement] Better handling of cases where geolocation feature is not available for the browser.


  • Intial Release