Hassle-free Deliveries & Pickups

By letting customers choose their location on a checkout map.
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A must-have plugin for any WooCommerce powered store.

Plugin Features

Detect customer's current location​

Customers can also make adjustments and move the map pin around if it's not accurate.

Auto-fill shipping and billing address​

Save customers time typing out their address. Kikote will pull the address details from the map. It also comes with Google Places Autocomplete!

Map Visibility Rules

Hide/Show map based on shipping method, cart subtotals, coupon code, guest orders and more.

Order Map Views

Both store owners and customers can see the location of current/past orders on a Map from their dashboard. This helps store owners quickly know where an order should be delivered to, and lets customers view the location of their past orders.

Shipping Workflows

Location Picker at Checkout comes with powerful shipping workflows that lets you adjust the shipping price for orders based on the customer's location.

Custom Map Designs

Tweak the map design to fit your store's aesthetic. No matter what color scheme you're using, it's possible to create a map design to blend nicely to your store's checkout page.

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Support for Custom Checkout Plugins

Deep integration has been added to ensure that the plugin is compatible with the most popular WooCommerce Custom Checkout plugins.


Need the delivery/pickup date or time for an order?

Check out Delivery & Pickup Scheduling


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Version: 1.10.2 | Last Update: June 21, 2024 | Released: June 10, 2021 | WordPress: 6.5