The Export feature in Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce (LPAC) allows you to export a .csv file with the following columns:

  • Order ID
  • User ID
  • Customer Name
  • Phone Number
  • Order Date
  • Link to Google Maps location

It is useful if you have a lot of orders that you want to export for drivers and delivery personnel.

Orders Map View #

This map plots your recent orders based on the Date From and Date To inputs. Duplicate orders with the same location are removed from the list so as to show one(1) map pin per location.

Use this feature to see where most of your orders are coming from.

Date From #

The date from which you want to start exporting orders.

Date To #

The end date for orders that you wish to export.

Clicking Download will save the the .csv file to your computer. Exports are also saved to: /wp-content/uploads/lpac/order-exports/